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Information Technology Security Design
 and Development

In today’s "information centric" world, tremendous amounts of data are being generated, saved, and deleted each day. This has made computers and the data processed by computers a valuable resource to many organizations.

Safeguarding computers and the data residing on those computers ensures that data will be properly protected from unauthorized access, electronic commerce will transact without fear of compromise, and day-to-day business operations will continue without interruption. 

BITS provides full end-to-end security solutions for your organization. BITS has experience developing needed procedures, policies, and plans to protect your computer systems and data. BITS can also design, develop, and implement a variety of cost-effective security solutions using advanced security technologies. Finally, BITS can provide penetration testing and certification services to ensure your current operational environment is properly protected. 

Our Information Systems Security capabilities are as follows:

  • Information Systems Security Analysis
  • Information Systems Security Policy and Procedure Development
  • Information Systems Security Program and Project Planning
  • Advanced Information Systems Security Technology
    (Public Key Infrastructure, Virtual Private Network, Firewall, Intrusion Detection, etc.) Design, Development, Testing, and Implementation
  • Penetration Testing and Certification Testing

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