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Inventory/Process Analysis of 
IRS Customer Service Sites

BITS assisted SRA in providing technical analysis of selected IRS Customer Service Sites. We were responsible for analyzing and documenting processing configurations at these selected sites. Also responsible for reviewing technical operational processes and making recommendations for improvement, all work was performed at various IRS locations located throughout the United States. BITS assisted in the overall physical site survey of each site’s hardware, software, infrastructure, interfaces, connectivity, and security.

Additionally, BITS gathered required information concerning Customer Service Operations, analyzed operational processes and procedures, and made recommendations for performance improvements. 

We analyzed utilization of intelligent call routing (ICR) devices, analyzed development and maintenance of Call Control Tables (CCT’s), Automated Call Distributors (ACDs), and Voice Response Units (VRUs) as well as monitoring call center performance.

 We populated a Microsoft Access database with analysis results and developed a site report containing findings and observations.  We also generated a "lessons learned" report.

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