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Information Technology Consulting

Correct utilization of Information Technology solutions has been shown to improve processing efficiencies, reduce processing errors, and increase profits and market share. BITS’ employees and technical consultants average more than 20+ years experience in implementing advanced solutions that have helped clients realize significant processing efficiencies, improve customer service, and show significant profit increases. 

BITS' experience with all kinds of industries ... large, small, private, and government ... 
gives BITS a unique expertise base and perspective that can be quickly applied to your environment. 

BITS Information Technology Consulting capabilities are as follows:

- Systems Effectiveness/Systems Efficiency Consulting

- Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Consulting

-  Engineering/Architecting Effectiveness/Efficiency Consulting

- Strategic Planning and Budgeting

- Performance Metrics Consulting and Analysis

- Business Case Development

- Systems Architecture Design and Development

- Systems Engineering Analysis and Development

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